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The Memoirs of the Weeks of Mathematics were first published in 2009, as a part of the activities of the Weeks of Mathematics. This first number compiled several works of diverse nature that corresponded to talks delivered during the first four Weeks of Mathematics. One year later, the release of “Memorias de la 5GSNM” confirmed that the works presented in the Weeks of Mathematics deserved to be published and spread through the Mexican mathematical community. Hence, the series “Matemáticas y sus aplicaciones” was born in 2011. Since then, this publication has been become a strong means of dissemination of the works of both faculty and students that take part in this yearly mathematical activity.


Requirements for the publication of works in “Matemáticas y sus aplicaciones”

The following of papers will be considered as book chapters to be published in “Matemáticas y sus aplicaciones”:

  • Research papers
  • Outreach papers (works that study a subject from an original point of view, containing important results in any topic of mathematics, like new proofs of well-known results, surveys on a research area, etc.)
  • Papers can be written in English or in Spanish
  • Papers must be between 13 and 21 pages long.
  • Papers must be sent following the next template in pdf to fmacias@fcfm.buap.mx in the case the work has several authors, the data of the author to whom the editor will communicate.
  • Notice: The call for papers to be submitted to arbitration and be incorporated in the following publications is open, the papers will be considered for the book Matemáticas y sus Aplicaciones 9.