El Cuerpo Académico de Partículas Campos y Relatividad General invita cordialmente a su próximo seminario

CMS and the Higgs Golden Chanel Decay

Prof. Piet Verwilligen
INFN, Sezione di Bari

Este seminario se llevará a cabo en la

Sala de Conferencias 111B/302
Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas – BUAP

Viernes 15 de marzo de 2013
12:00 hrs.



The CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider is one of the biggest and most complex scientific instruments of our time, designed to elucidate the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking in the Standard Model of particle physics. This mechanism provides mass to the heavy gauge bosons and would result in a new particle: the Higgs boson. On July 4th the discovery of a new boson was announced in CERN by both the ATLAS and CMS Collaboration. While at first sight this new boson is compatible with the Standard Model Higgs boson, more tests have to be performed to confirm that this new particle exhibits all properties assigned to the Higgs boson.

The decay of the new boson to four leptons is one of the most powerful channels to study its spin and parity. The design and status of the  analysis will be presented. The results are based on proton-proton collisions data corresponding to integrated luminosities of up to  at  and  at . The analysis of the new data should confirm the observation of a new boson at a mass near 125 GeV and the first measurements of the boson properties will be shown. At the end of the talk a short overview of the newest CMS Higgs results, presented at the Moriond 2013 conference will be discussed.