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Measurement in mathematics education: Experience in the construction of two measurement scales

Area: Mathematical Education

Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 13:00 hrs.

José Gabriel Sánchez Ruiz

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to show a methodological perspective used for the elaboration of an instrument of measurement of variables of interest, for its study, in the field of mathematical education. Each of the steps that are followed since the need to have a specific measuring instrument until the final version of this is achieved is described in detail. The description of the procedure is exemplified by sharing our experience specifically with the design of two scales, in Likert format, one to measure attitudes towards mathematics in Mexican high school students, and another to measure disinterest towards mathematics in university students. In the end, a reflection is made about the importance of having reliable and valid measuring instruments for the research activity carried out within a discipline.

Curriculum vitae: Doctor of Science with a specialty in Educational Mathematics (CINVESTAV-IPN). Master in Mathematical Education (UNAM) and postgraduate studies in the Master of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (Faculty of Psychology - UNAM). Degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Zaragoza-UNAM. I have completed several diplomas: Diploma in Applied Statistics at the Autonomous University of Xochimilco; Diploma in University Prospective of Science and Technology organized by UNAM-IPN-UAM X- UPN-ANUIES and Teaching Practice in Open and Distance Systems organized by the FES Zaragoza-National School of Nursing and Obstetrics and the National School of Labor Social of the UNAM. Full Time Professor in the Psychology Degree (FES Zaragoza, UNAM). I have been coordinator of the diploma in biostatistics and research methodology of the Master of Science in Public Health Sciences (UATlaxcala-FES Zaragoza, UNAM) and the Area of ​​General and Experimental Methodology of the Psychology Career of FES Zaragoza-UNAM. He has been, and is, responsible, co-responsible or participant of projects financed by DGAPA-UNAM, CONACyT and the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Government of Panama, is currently co-responsible for one. He has participated as a member of the Editorial Committee of the Mathematical Education Magazine and a member of the arbitrator body of several magazines of psychology and mathematical education (eg, Colombian Journal of Psychology, Latin American Journal of Research in Mathematical Education and Ibero-American Journal of Higher Education. Author of books (the most recent Semiotic Resources in the teaching of mathematics, published by UNAM, Attitudes towards mathematics. What they are, how they are measured, how they are evaluated. How they are modified. Co-authored with Sonia Ursini-del CINVESTAV-IPN, in press) Author of articles and book chapters on topics of mathematical education and psychology. Member of the Scientific Committee of national and international events in psychology, including several editions of the Mexican Congress of Psychology, International Congress of Psychology (organized by UNAM and based in the University City of UNAM) and General Coordinator of academic events in topics specific in psychology (eg, Experimental Psychology Conference on Psychological Processes) and of psychology and mathematical education. I have collaborated in the organization of several local academic activities at the FES Zaragoza. Responsible for Social Service programs for students of the Psychology Degree. Member of academic commissions as Research and Degree Commission of the Psychology Degree and of the Graduate Monitoring Committee of the Academic College of Psychology Career of the FES Zaragoza. Member of the Dictaminating Committee of the Psychology Degree for the promotion and academic evaluation of teachers. I have taught courses by invitation in different congresses and academic events (eg, Student Congress of Research in Psychology and International Workshop on Trends in Mathematical Education based on Research (TEMBI)). Participant as speaker at national and international conferences in psychology, education and mathematics education. Participant as a guest speaker in congresses of psychology (e.g., Congress of the Mexican Society of Behavior Analysis) and mathematics (Congress of the Mexican Mathematical Society) or speaker (Colloquiums organized by the Department of Educational Mathematics of the Cinvestav-IPN). I have directed a bachelor's and master's thesis. I have participated in the design and preparation of the New Psychology Career Curriculum and the subject study program of said plan. I have collaborated in the design and preparation of teaching materials for students of the Psychology Degree (e.g., virtual classroom on Technological Application in Psychology to support the academic programs of the Psychology Degree Program). I participated in the revision and adaptation of the Master's Degree Program in Mathematics Education of the Faculty of Mathematical Physical Sciences of the Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla. Likewise, in the design and preparation of its Doctoral Program.