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Dalí and the mathematics

Area: Geometry

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 10:00 hrs.

Guillermo Sienra Loera

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Abstract: The idea of ​​the talk is that, we want to show that there is a very close link between mathematics and art, as we all know. But at the same time, we use Dalí's paintings to take a walk through mathematical concepts that may be of interest to math students.

Curriculum vitae: I started my degree under the direction of Professor Santiago López de Medrano on the subject of Characteristic Classes and Obstructions, to finish it in 1976. I studied my PhD at the University of Southampton and my thesis was about Thurston's work on surfaces, ending in 1982. Later I became interested in the dynamics of Rational and Transcendent Functions collaborating with mathematicians from various universities. I am part of Mexico's Holomorphous Dynamics group. I have had undergraduate, master's and doctoral students. I am Full Time Professor B, of the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM.