El Cuerpo Académico de Partículas Campos y Relatividad General invita cordialmente a su próximo seminario

Validation and application of Monte Carlo codes for treatment planning in ion beam therapy

Till Böhlen, Ph. D.


Este seminario se llevará a cabo en la

Sala de Conferencias (111B/302)
Miércoles 28 de marzo de 2012
12:00 hrs.



External radiation therapy with protons and ions, so-called hadron therapy, is becoming more popular with an ever increasing number of treatment facilities being operational or in construction in recent years. Protons and ions allow to deliver highly conformal treatment fields due to their inverse dose-depth profile (Bragg peak) which allows to target the tumour while sparing surrounding normal tissues. Heavier ions such as carbon ions exhibit additionally enhanced radiobiological properties in the tumour region which are advantageous, especially for treating radio-resistant hypoxic tumours. The talk outlines fundamental physics, biological and technical aspects of external radiation therapy with protons and ions before focusing on examples of applications and validations of Monte Carlo (MC) particle transport codes for hadron therapy treatment planning. Applications of MC codes for hadron therapy include: beam modelling (beam line), generation of physical TPS input data, support for dosimetric and biological experiments, support for in-vivo treatment verification (e.g. with PET), out-of-field patient dose estimations, radioprotection, re-calculation of optimized treatment plans, and fully MC-optimized treatment planning.