El Cuerpo Académico de Partículas Campos y Relatividad General invita cordialmente a su próximo seminario

Feynman propagators for tight-binding regular lattices

Dr. Emerson Sadurní

Este seminario se llevará a cabo en la

Sala de Conferencias 111B/302
Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas – BUAP

Miércoles 29 de agosto de 2012
12:00 hrs.


It has been recently found that the propagator (Green's function of two events) of an infinite tight-binding chain can be written explicitly as a Bessel function of the first kind arXiv:1205.3972. A number of interesting physical properties can be established from a myriad of classical theorems on these functions, including a formulation in terms of Feynman path sums. In this talk we review these procedures and further extend them to hexagonal, triangular and square lattices.